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We believe that our customers, suppliers and employees are our greatest assets. We are committed to deliver the highest satisfaction of quality and service to our customers and suppliers. Our highly skilled employees are expected to perform smartly with dedication at the highest levels of technical competency.

Silicone Rubber Masking Boots (T-boots)

TE Solutions provides a unique T-boots of conformal coating materials such as acrylics, epoxies, silicones, polyurethane and parylene. T-boots can be customized and engrave the code number on the boots surface to facilitate the operators’ differential the masking process

T-boots withstand temperature up to 250°C for coating process, however for wave solder process can be withstand up to (intermittent 330°C). T-boots materials can be Anti-Static or Non-Anti-Static depend on customers’ preference and the needs on their products requirement.

Based on many year design experience the masking boots, today TE Solutions had over thousands of T-boots designs and expertise to overcome today market of complexity design such as the components pitch to pitch too close to each other, which our designer can help customers to design fit it correctly.

Company Vision

We recognise leadership and technical knowledge will inspire our employees to perform beyond their abilities. Our relationship with our customers and suppliers shall be based on building trust and loyalty. We shall maximise profits while still maintaining quality in our output.